bioPhysics is the study of the electromagnetic phenomena occuring inside biological bodies. The same list of phenomena that classic physics studies on simple matter (magnetic fields, electric fields, elemental particles, light, velocity, energy, interaction with gravity, mass, electric charge and temperature), all of them happen within biological bodies as well, with one special difference: biological bodies are soft, which changes things a little, for example piezoelectricity takes a more important role.

Just as the phenomena of classic physics affects simple matter only, the phenomena of bioPhysics has effect on biological bodies only, even though they are made up of simple matter, the effects are on the biological organization only. For example, the brain generates bioLight during emotions and some amount of it escapes through the eyes and out into the world, where it has no effect on matter, but if it lands on a biological body, it will be "felt". This is why people can sense when someone is staring at them. Before making progress in the understanding of bioPhysics it is important to understand that the bioLight had no effect on the classic atoms making up the biological body, it was the bioMass that reacted to it.

The idea that a body of classic matter and a body of bioMatter coexist sharing the same space but leading separate lives can take a while to grasp but it has actually been known to humans across all history, they called the body of bioMatter a "soul". bioLight has been called "evil eye". bioElectricity has been called "positive energy" and "negative energy". bioElectric fields are involved in what they called "laying on of hands".