What does it research

Will power was renamed intraWill, after a similar force of nature was discovered, one that can act through time and space, not only on the inside but also on the outside of the body that generates it. It is called exoWill and the branch of physics that deals with it was named exoPhysics.

What does it replace

Just as bioPhysics is postmodern science replacement for psychology, exoPhysics replaces something old, something that has been called theology or religion. exoWill is the fundamental force of nature that has been behind phenomena such as prayer and fate, and is for the first time susceptible of scientific research.

External Physics

What we know so far

‚ÄčexoWill is generated by the subconscious, the brain, not by the mind. It is very powerful but we don't have direct access to it. Our subconscious uses it all the time to make certain events happen to us, while keeping other events away. Our minds on the other hand cannot use it directly, praying for something doesn't make it happen. Current research is focused on the use of emotions to force our subconscious to generate the exoWill we desire.