While modern science has given mankind much knowledge and technology, it is not without a dark side. The primary fault of modern science lays deep within its method: the dependance on numbers. Modern science takes numeric measures of the universe around us to then run advanced mathematics on those numbers. While this gives us the advantage of allowing anybody to be a scientist regardless of his intellectual abilities as well as giving us certainty of the results, since numbers can't be argued with (when properly handled), it puts us in a state where we are unable to research anything that cannot be measured into numbers. This is why psychology never really made progress during the modern science era but bloomed into a center stage with postmodernism.

As in other areas of human culture, postmodernism means a return to some of the traditional ways without losing what was great about modernism. Early mankind was able to generate knowledge about the universe in areas modern science can't research (and even goes to the extreme of denying their existence). Acupuncture and Yoga are great examples. It surely took a lot of scientific research to design and perfect them and it was all done the traditional way, no equations involved. Modern science hasn't joined in because it can't, it is not possible (at this time) to measure sensations and emotions into numbers.

Postmodern science is the application of detectivesque techniques for the advancement of mankind's knowledge about the universe that surrounds it. Deduction and reason can shed light into the innerworkings of our universe at times when numeric measures are not available.