Average speed of bioParticles moving around within the space of our bodies

Postmodern science


The ideal employee, always willing to serve and help. Faithful friend and partner. Juvenile. Works best on peaceful urban settings. Good writers and artists because they have a deep and complex private emotional life. By late 2021 almost the entire population of the planet was in this level, but beginning to move to Omega as people share their cold bioTemperature with each other in the ongoing bioThermal pandemic.


Deep imagination, deep thoughts and a peaceful view of life. Childlike. The ideal student and the ideal scientist. Great at complex software development. All senses are enhanced, food tastes wonderful and music sounds divine. The light literally shines brighter. Good at saving and managing money. Avid reader. People in this level tend to be diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome or Autism. By the end of 2021 massive amounts of people worldwide were moving into this level.


The compassionate leader, always trying to keep everyone happy, kind and strong. Great lover. Very active and energetic, addicted to sports and gyms. Loves winning competitions. Very confident around people. Resilient. Great singer. Ideal leader for non-profit organizations and communities. A bioThermal pandemic was induced around mid 2019 causing everyone's bioTemperature to become colder and colder. Level Alpha was the first to disappear, towards the end of 2019 with all alphas becoming extroverts.

Be spread

The discovery of the effects of spreading out the body in 2006, enabled us for the first time to manipulate our personality type at will, which in turn opened up the way for many new scientific discoveries and marked the birth of postmodern science. Changing the posture of your body allows you to manipulate your bioThermal level, affecting the way you experience the world and your instincts, but not your thoughts. Spreading out as much as possible during the day moves you toward the Alpha level, while bending inwards close to a fetal posture will move you towards the Omega level, all in a matter of weeks.


Party animal. Family oriented. Very social and good at starting relationships. Great at gathering material riches and experiences. Works best on rural settings. Good corporate manager, great at pushing people to work. Very mature. It used to be the majority of the global population, therefore a good faction to join, but this level disappeared around mid 2021 as the bioThermal pandemic forced all extroverts to become introverts.

Available levels of bioTemperature for humans

Cannot be measured by a thermometer, but it goes up or down along with our emotions. Anger makes it hotter and anxiety makes it colder.