What does it replace?

bioPhysics is postmodern science's replacement for psychology. It gives explanations for psychological phenomena and offers solutions that modern science never could.


What is the human mind?

Awareness is the sustained flux of biological electromagnetic radiation through the neurons of our brain. It is generated by the pineal gland. This radiation stops during sleep, coma or death, effectively "disappearing" the mind.


Biological Physics was born out of the need to explain why spreading out the body can change our personality type. It took shape in the period from September 2009 to February 2010. Since then it had been moving up slowly, until the pandemics era began and amazing new data kept flowing in from every direction. The discovery of biological radioactivity on August 2, 2021 proves bioPhysics is still in a golden age of growth.

What other energies are out there?

The entire range of phenomena from classic physics has a biological counterpart, there is for example a bioMagnetism and bioElectric fields, which are the reason we quickly place the palms of our hands over any pain. The special tissue on the palms of our hands emits a bioElectric field that energizes other tissues, helping them to heal and reducing pain.

What does it research?

The collection of biological particles and biological energies that move around in the same space that our classic bodies occupy. These energies and particles are ethereal to our classic body but are trapped within that space as if some form of skin was stopping them from falling out. They form an alternate body we all have, that has the same shape as our classic body. This is what has always been known as the soul.